Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Kenya

A hot air balloon is the best way to enjoy the scenery across the plains in the Maasai Mara Reserve. This is because one gets to view the herds with minimal disturbance, and from a bird’s eye view.  These safaris enable the guest to experience the diverse habitats in the Mara, thus making it worth every penny.

Its usually the best way to end your stay at this remarkable park.





Kenya scooped this prestigious award at the 20th World Travel Awards (WTA) grand finale that took place in Doha, Qatar. Kenya gathered most votes from travel agents all over the world, and this comes barely a month after the Kenya Tourism Board was voted Africa’s leading Tourism Board in Africa by WTA.  Kenya is known for a safari experience that suits every person from different backgrounds and cultures. Kenya is highly endowed with sweeping plains, unique varying cultures and wildlife, thus a safari to Kenya in no doubt leaves lasting memories.

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Kite Surfing is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and Kenya has not been left behind in availing it. One does not have to be strong to participate in this sport, its actually very easy to learn. However, lessons are required so that people can understand the basics on safety measures. Watamu has the ideal environment to undertake this sport. You can enjoy kite surfing combined with a tour to various destinations in Kenya <>


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Paragliding at Elgeyo Marakwet in Kenya


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Paragliding is a new sport that has been introduced in Kenya. It entails participants running for a few meters down the scenic cliffs of Kerio Valley escarpment  with a parachute-like equipment strapped on their backs. The glider’s apparatus open as they run down the cliff and since they are wind propelled, the gliders are good to go for the aerial expedition of Kerio Valley. This sport has attracted a huge number of international gliders mainly from Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. Paragliding is a common event in the Alpine countries and the fact that Kerio Valley escarpment shares similar scenic rolling mountains, has made it a preferred option  for this sport.


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This is an annual event that is recognized internationally. It is held in Yare Camel Camp, Maralal and takes place in August every year. This event is aimed at creating awareness on the diverse culture and tourism potential in that area. The event includes activities such as ; camel races for both professionals and amateurs, tricamelon( a 5km fun run marathon for the physically disabled and 10km fun run for the rest), peace run which features the Morans of the various communities acting as a unifying factor between the communities, and Samburu night which comprises of cultural experience through dance, food, art e.t.c.

The Maralal camel derby attracts both local and international participants. Apart from the event, the visitors can explore Maralal town which has a rich culture. The town also boasts of a game sanctuary which showcases a variety of wildlife and the ‘House of Kenyatta’ which was the place where Kenya’s first president was detained before his release.