This is the most watered park in Kenya with 14 permanent streams draining off from the nearby Nyambeni Hills. It is accessible by air and road, and it is 348 kms  from Nairobi. It was opened in 1968 with an area of approximately  870 square Kilometres. Meru  National park is little visited meaning its wilderness is utterly unspoilt. It was home to George and Joy Adamson in the 60’s. In the 1970s, it received as many as 30,000 tourists each year, mainly as a result of the film Born Free. The park gives one the opportunity to see what they call the northern five – Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, lesser Kudu and Reticulated giraffe.

The major attractions are wildlife viewing , bird watching, visit the grave where ‘Elsa’ the lioness was buried , fishing at the Tana river, and Adamson’s  Falls.  




Mzima springs is the biggest attraction in Tsavo West National Park.  It is a stream of crystal-clear water with an under view chamber where one may get to view the underwater hippos, crocodiles and fish. The springs also serves most of Mombasa city with drinking water.

The ecological miracle of the place makes it a destination worth visiting!!!!!!