Mount Kenya


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Kenya boasts of the second highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya. Being 5,199 meters high, Mt. Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and among the few mountains along the equator that are snow-capped.  

Mt Kenya was as a result of a stratovolcano that happened over several million years ago. The eruption rose to 6000 meters but overtime, it has eroded to the present height and to form the three highest peaks, namely Batian(5,199 meters), Nelion (5,188 meters), and Lenana(4,985 meters).


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Climbing Mount Kenya is an adventure that is frequent among  foreign visitors, as well as locals. Its regarded as a much more difficult climb when compared to the Mt Kilimanjaro climb, however, there are several people who have managed to climb to its highest peak. The first people to have ascended the mountain to the Batian peak was Sir Halford John Mackinder, Josef Brochele, and Cesar Ollier in 13 Sept 1899.

The adventurous people visiting Kenya should insist on a climb of Mt. Kenya, and experience this historic mountain first-hand


A historic Italian Chapel in Kenya


Though this is not a place that can be termed as a destination, its worth a stopover. This Italian chapel is tacked  along the Nairobi, Narok road. It is believed to have been built in 1942 by Italian prisoners who had been captured during the second world war. Those Italian prisoners have being vital to Kenya’s history not only because of this chapel but because they constructed the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. The Italian chapel has attracted peoples’ attention over the years because of the architectural work incorporated.  The fact that the church has survived at the point where it was initially built and has passed through change of power in Kenya puts much more meaning to it. The magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley also make the stop worthwhile.

Well, for those on safari heading to the Masai Mara National Reserve, you should insist on a stopover at this Italian Chapel  and see first-hand why it is worth a visit.



Camping Safaris


                There are many forms of safaris you can incorporate in your trip. They mainly depend on your budget and preference. Safaris is a Swahili word that stands for travelling to great distances which entails overnights enroute. However, today we’ll only feature camping safaris.

                Camping safaris are more often than not viewed as the cheapest ways in terms of accommodation because many people associate camping to the scouts and guides camps. It should be, however, noted that there exists luxury camping , which brings us to the two categories of camping namely: budget and luxury camping.  

                Budget camping is one of the cheapest accommodation option available when touring a country. It involves carrying all the required equipment and having a guide. Budget camping is mainly located in campsites where everyone sets his/her tent, and cooking and cleaning up is done  together. Well, cooking and setting up are not the only activities included in a budget camping safari. People also get time to have game drives and other sight-seeing activities. The aspect that makes this option cheap is because of the shared or public campsites, in addition to the fact that most campsites are located just outside the park.


Budget Camping

                Luxury camping refers to accommodation in luxury tented camps. This camps incorporate the best cuisine, ambience, and service while in the parks. The well-built modern tents and the touch of class in the designs makes the wild unbelievably amazing. This option is usually expensive but it’s worth every penny.


Luxury tented camp

               Depending on what you prefer with regards to camping safaris, you can still have memorable experience exploring your chosen destination.