How many of us have saved for a vacation, sacrificing every bit of anything that seems like a luxury, and your contact person or company that you entrusted with all your vacation arrangements mess it up completely.  When I say completely, am not referring to the human error mistakes, I mean making the whole vacation a total disaster where you find yourself in the below scenarios:

Stranded at the airport-because your contact didn’t come to pick you up/ forgot/ running very late


Picture by: Caveman Circus

Getting to the hotel and there is no reservation- your contact did not make your reservation/ forgot


Picture: by trip advisor

Stranded in a foreign country/ city/ state- with your contact been unreachable.


Photo by Big Island Media

I thought of writing about this because just a few days ago, my friend experienced such a scenario.  Though it was not all that complicated; the disappointment could be equated to anyone who has gone through all the above instances. Well, she wanted to surprise her fiancée during his birthday and so she made quite simple arrangements. I refer to them as simple because it was just a matter of calling the hotel and reserving, and she did exactly that. They were to spend the night there so she got off work a bit early, rushed home, packed  a few items they needed for the night  and then went to pick up her fiancée. On getting to the hotel, which was a two hours’ drive , they were shocked to find that the person she called didn’t make the reservations and the hotel was fully booked. It was already 8pm and with the disappointment, the shock and all those emotions, she could hardly think. Eventually, they had to spend a night in a motel. The reservations agent messed up what would have been a special night and the best surprise for her fiancée.

Share your “Horrible vacation” story; as they say , a problem (in this case a disaster) shared is half solved.







Kenya, just as many other African countries, boasts of diversity in terms of wildlife, nature and beach experiences. The magnificent national parks, reserves and sanctuaries are sights to behold and they are complemented by the various lakes sitting on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The game drives at the Maasai Mara National Reserve; the jewel of Kenya’s crown, are amazing especially between  July through to October due to the Great Wildebeest Migration; recently named the eighth wonder of the world.

                The magical nature and adventures have captured the attention of the British Royal Family who have created two memorable moments in history both at the Aberdares and the mount Kenya region. Princess Elizabeth on February 1952, was staying at Treetops hotel when his father King George VI passed on.  Princess Elizabeth was visiting Kenya with her husband, Prince Phillip, and it is said they were on their honeymoon. Princess Elizabeth climbed Treetops  a princess and descended as a Queen which was and still is historical.Image

Treetops- Aberdares National Park, Kenya

                     Many years later, her grandson, Prince William proposed to his long- term girlfriend Kate Middleton. The proposal was at the Rutundu Log Cabins which is located on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya. The log cabins give a serene atmosphere for one to experience the wild to the fullest and still provides a romantic setting due to the breath-taking beauty of the surroundings and the privacy.


The Rutundu Log Cabin- slopes of Mount Kenya

It’s quite evident that the Royal family has an eye for Kenya when it comes to romantic destinations in the wild. This and many more is what Kenya has to offer and unless one experiences it first-hand, it would be hard to explain what pleasure, fun and relaxation comes with a safari to any of the Kenyan destinations. Try it and live to tell of the memorable experience(s).